Pillars of the Program

1. Coaches

1. Information for Coaches
2. Bringing in Experts
3. Coaching Do’s & Don’ts
4. Coaching information and helpful tips
5. Odyssey Team Timeline
6. Outside Assistance
7. Roles of an Odyssey Coach

1. Role of the Coach
Your role as a coach is to not be the expert in whichever problem the team chooses to solve. In fact it is often better not to be an expert because there is always a risk of outside assistance. Your role is facilitate creative problem solving, teambuilding, and brainstorming; teach kids how to manage a project or learn basic skills such as building concepts, theatrical principles, artistic qualities and more. We encourage you to bring in outside experts (parents, teachers, etc) to help teach some of these skills or to take “field trips”. Read More…


2. Parents

Parents often ask what they can do to help. They want to assist, but are afraid of going over the line. You can get a list of what parents can and cannot do at the “Parents” section of our web site. Print out the list and share it with parents at an upcoming meeting.
When practicing spontaneous problems, try focusing on a specific skill once in a while. For example, remove the time limit in verbals and just look for five great answers, no matter how long it takes. Or practice flipping cards in an efficient manner (you’d be surprised how much time can be lost by team members forgetting to flip a card in a verbal challenge). In a hands-on problem, weight the points so that “how well the team works together” becomes the most important component of their solution.
If you have set goals with your team at the beginning of the season, do periodic check-ins to see if you are on a path to achieving those goals. Read More…


3. Judges

To ensure teams are scored fairly, we require each team to provide a judge (and volunteer) for tournament day so we can provide necessary training prior to the big day. A judge will need to be available for this role all day so there is consistent scoring. Simply stated, the teams, and very likely your children, have worked too hard not to be judged fairly. If you are a past or present supporter of the Odyssey of the Mind program please consider helping judge this year’s event. We have many different judging roles to meet your interests. Read More..

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