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Volunteers are critical to a successful Tournament. They stand watch at doors, keeping people from interrupting team performances, work at our sales table, bring lunches to our judges, act as “gophers” and perform other needed tasks. The easiest source for volunteers is family members and friends who will be attending the Tournament in support of the team. Like potential judges, they should be approached early. Unlike judges, though, they do not have to attend training, and they will be scheduled around the performance of the team they are representing. Volunteers are able to see their team(s) perform and are only committed for 2-3 hours of the Tournament day, so it is easier for someone to agree to take on this role.

So, who can you ask to be your team’s Volunteer?

Ask parents or family members who will be attending the Tournament.

See if anyone from school is planning on coming to the Tournament to watch the team (a Teacher? Aide? Administrator?). If they are taking their time to be at the Tournament, they might be willing to donate a few hours to help out.

Is there someone the team knows who attends Bates College or will be in the Lewiston area? They might be able to stop by, see the team and work at help out.

Check also the list of potential judges. Unlike judges, not all volunteers will see team performances. However, if they are coming to the Tournament to find what Odyssey is about, they might not mind the break in their day.

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